Month: July 2011

Brittany + Matthew’s Speedy Hartwood Acres Engagement
Last night I met with Brittany and Matthew at Hartwood Acres in the Fox Chapel area. Our session scheduled for two hours but had to be cut a bit short because they were stuck in the insane traffic that U2 caused throughout all of ...
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Finally! 2012 Packaging
Every wedding photographer knows that is a long (and I do mean long!) and tiring process to find the perfect wedding packaging for your work. It's very important to present each client with their discs, prints, albums and other pr ...
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Kathy Rooney + Ray Sokolowski’s Art and Spirit magazine shoot
Visited Kathy Rooney and Ray Sokolowski's (RaRa) studio to get some shots for ART AND SPIRIT, a new magazine that will release it's first issue in October 2011. Here are just a few shots from the day. ...
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