A Lovely Getaway

June 8, 2012

I recently went on a well deserved and very overdue vacation to Deep Creek Lake Maryland and Bedford Springs Pennsylvania. It was by far the most relaxing time I have experienced in my life thus far.

In a move that is usually very unlike me, I vowed to make no plans and just go with the flow of every day. I hiked to (and through) waterfalls, put my feet in the sand on public and private beaches, ate homemade ice cream, caught tadpoles with my nephew, bought locally made (and insanely good) jams, played with sparklers, gazed at the stars beside the lake, treated myself to a few spa experiences and fell head over heels in love with my surroundings.

I don’t have too many photos from the trip. Picking up my camera wasn’t something I felt the urge to do. Instead, I just wanted to enjoy everything with my own eyes rather than through a viewfinder.

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Square 18:19 June 8, 2012 Reply
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Lisa Novakowski 19:29 June 8, 2012 Reply
Your holiday sounds like absolute heaven, Veronica! Heaven. Even your photos are peaceful.
Lauren Kinde 19:31 June 8, 2012 Reply
Oh so cool! I love the moss. Now I understand why you loved your trip so much!
Sally Watts 20:00 June 8, 2012 Reply
Wow-what amazing green tones in these images. They are so peaceful! They'd look great in print on a wall.
Avigayil Diamond 07:28 June 9, 2012 Reply
I love Deep Creek. I go there every summer with my family :) You captured the woods so nicely