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        At the beginning of the summer, I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone. Right around that time, VSCO released VSCOcam – their photo editing app. I fell in love.

        Now that seasons are changing, it feels only natural to share some of my favorite personal shots from the summer.


        These are insane. I love all of these – but those first two frames are killer. Beautiful work!

        Another big fan of the app right here! Great for a phone camera!

        Wow, you have been to a lot of beautiful places this summer!

        Awesome pictures. I LOVE my iPhone, can’t wait to get the new one! 🙂

        Veronica, these are lovely images! I love trees and moodiness, so the second and last shots might be my faves. I’m inspired to play with my VSCO app more!

        I wish I had an iPhone! This is such a neat and casual way to tell the story of your summer!

        Always inspiring seeing great VSCOcam shots, these are crackers. Love the dog in the woods.

        Nice! Gotta love the iphone and vscocam. Totally addictive.

        Wow….what dreamy and beautiful imagery Veronica…I love it!!

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