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        It was rainy and oh-so cold that morning, but their happy-go-lucky attitudes and never ending smiles could have warmed even the coldest day.

        Armstrong Farms Wedding

        Great images. Felt the love!

        You are always such an inspiration! Share more!

        You do fantastic work! Love the hats. And the location. And of course, the photos!

        Your colors and processing are so heavenly.

        This is weird… I totally remember commenting on this! But anyway, I love her hats. And that last photo looks like a painting. So beautiful!

        What an amazing location. Great work!!

        B-E-A-utiful. I love rainy day sessions. Such a great session!

        luv ther hats! haha. so good veronica!

        So cozy and delicious… These are making me want hot cocoa. Love them.

        I love her different hats! I love this shot – http://veronicavaros.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/0000JessBrian_0030.jpg and the last shot. They look like an awesome couple! (three cheers for bearded men)

        Love the pictures!! Excited for the big day!! Love you both 🙂

        I love how beautiful everything looks in the rain!! What a beautiful session 🙂

        So. freaking. adorable. I LOVE how she switched her hats. 🙂 Love them all! I seriously love the colors the rain brings out.

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