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        Truly beautiful wedding! Love their style!

        the bw portraits.. my heart. wow.

        Fantastic coverage. Love it!

        This couple are just winning, they look incredible in these, fantastic job Veronica!

        Lovely work (as always!) and stinkin’ ADORABLE couple!!!

        Completely stunning – you should be proud of this one Veronica

        I love that they were so willing to go out in the rain for portraits, they turned out awesome.

        This wedding, that couple and their style with your photography are meant to be together. This is straight up beautiful.

        You are a true artist. Those portraits in the rain are just incredible and creative and rainy photographs aren’t an easy task!

        I love this wedding! The rain made it more beautiful! You have a amazing talent!

        Omg, this wedding is absolutely breathtaking. Mary is so beautiful and I love her flower crown and James is a handsome devil. I love the emotional and moments you captured. Amazing work as always Veronica.

        i just don’t even know where to start. this wedding, their style, your photography, that location. everything. yes, yes.

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