Carnegie Music Hall Wedding : Jessica + Ricci preview

December 28, 2014

Carnegie Music Hall Wedding

Art exhibit wedding portraits

Winter Carnegie Music Hall wedding inspiration

Jessica + Ricci’s full Carnegie Music Hall wedding gallery will be available here to guests, friends, and family.

Elissa 20:08 December 29, 2014 Reply
These are some gorgeous frames! I love the almost-dip in the first one :) And that dress!!!
Anton Chia 01:22 December 30, 2014 Reply
Very beautiful moments, depth and artistry.
Erica 02:59 December 30, 2014 Reply
These are beautiful Veronica, I love that black and white!!
David Campbell 06:43 December 30, 2014 Reply
Pure elegance captured perfectly.
Teresa K 02:59 December 31, 2014 Reply
Wow, that's one heck of a preview sister. You nailed it!!
Taylor Roades 07:28 January 2, 2015 Reply
damn girl. I can't wait to see the full thing.
Paul Fuller 20:05 January 2, 2015 Reply
This is going to be awesome!