Cook Forest Wedding : Ash + Justin preview

June 9, 2014

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Creative wedding portrait

Ash + Justin’s full Cook Forest Wedding gallery will be available here to guests, friends, and family.

Tim Kamppinen 16:13 June 9, 2014 Reply
Gorgeous light in that first shot!
The Spencers 17:37 June 9, 2014 Reply
Beautiful!! I adore the colour palette in that second image, and their expressions are priceless.
Lyn Ismael-Bennett 18:57 June 9, 2014 Reply
Great use of light in that second image. Well done!
Matt 22:10 June 9, 2014 Reply
So beautiful.
Toni cole 02:37 June 10, 2014 Reply
The pictures of Justin and Ashley's wedding are the beautiful.
Don Barrington 06:40 June 10, 2014 Reply
Perfect day for a perfect wedding couple. You did good my friend.
Lynn Neal 11:58 June 10, 2014 Reply
The pictures are great and it looks like you had a great day for your wedding.
Elissa 14:36 June 10, 2014 Reply
I always love your posts! That final shot is so gooood.
Marianne 17:44 June 10, 2014 Reply
The photos are beautiful! I love that sweet first shot!
Aaron 18:22 June 10, 2014 Reply
So good! And this is just the preview!?! can't wait to see more.
Adonye Jaja 19:20 June 10, 2014 Reply
magnificent! I love that second image!