Edgewood Country Club Wedding : Valerie + David preview

June 2, 2014





Valerie + David’s full Edgewood Country Club Wedding gallery will be available here to guests, friends, and family.

Marianne 17:52 June 2, 2014 Reply
The first photo is so sweet! Great job! Can't wait to see the rest.
Teresa K 18:48 June 2, 2014 Reply
Wow, fantastic handling of those ginormous bridesmaid and groomsmen portraits!!
small 19:58 June 2, 2014 Reply
Pretty pretty! Love the shades of the bridesmaid dresses!
mathias 21:36 June 2, 2014 Reply
the brides expression in the first shot is perfect! on a completely different note, love the style of your website!
Tim Kelly 22:48 June 2, 2014 Reply
Wow that is a massive bridal party! The shot of the bridesmaid looks awesome! That will look so good printed up large.
damian burcher 09:34 June 3, 2014 Reply
Great colours on your images. Really like the one of the bridesmaids.
/mariahedengren 09:35 June 3, 2014 Reply
Fun! I like the bridesmaids pose.
Heather J 15:29 June 3, 2014 Reply
Veronica, I always love seeing your images. You always have some amazing compositions I've never seen, and that first shot is no exception.
Elissa 15:51 June 3, 2014 Reply
Beautiful! I love the varying shades of rose on the bridesmaids :)
Beth 17:33 June 3, 2014 Reply
Beautiful color and composition, Veronica! I really love the feel of that first photo.
Darin Collison 13:53 June 9, 2014 Reply
Beautiful moment and giant bridal parties - what's not to love?