Erie Wedding Photographers : Marilee + Ryan

November 12, 2013

When you’ve considered someone your best friend since the first or second grade, they feel like family – which means their family feels like your extended family in a way.

Marilee is part of that feels-like-extended-family to me as she’s the younger sister of my lifelong best friend. I can’t even remember the first time I met her, it was so long ago. (But I have plenty of funny memories from along the way!) So when I heard she was engaged to Ryan, I was so happy for her. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was over-the-moon excited and honored to capture the big day.

On the day of their engagement session, we met just before the sun came up. The grounds were covered in fog, though it burned off quickly. The light was soft and colorful. There were herds of deer grazing everywhere we turned. It was nothing short of perfect.

Marilee and Ryan are so adorable together. They held hands and stared lovingly at one another while they shared the story of their engagement.

Erie Wedding Photographers

nadine 21:41 December 9, 2013 Reply
what a sweet couple! love the foggy light!
Jessie 22:01 December 9, 2013 Reply
I love the mood in these! Love that last shot!
Heather J 22:52 December 9, 2013 Reply
VV, these are gorgeous. Every time I come to your blog I'm blown away with what your eye captures.
Emily 01:02 December 10, 2013 Reply
Girrrrrrrl... I love these photos! That first one needs to be printed HUGE and put on their walls. But I love so many. That first black and white (the vertical) is so beautiful.
Nikki Bezel 11:09 December 10, 2013 Reply
These images just make me feel so happy. Stunning work Veronica!
Sarah 15:51 December 10, 2013 Reply
I love the light in these, such an autumn-y feel to it, and such a sweet couple!
Elissa 18:09 December 10, 2013 Reply
Totally gorgeous session... that first B&W is fantastic.
small 18:57 December 10, 2013 Reply
These are so nice! Love the fog!
Johanna Hietanen 19:11 December 10, 2013 Reply
The second to last does it for me - I love all that mist in these photos! Need to do a sunrise session, soon! :)
Marianne 19:15 December 10, 2013 Reply
Cool session!! Makes me want to curl up with some hot chocolate!
Kat Forsyth 20:30 December 11, 2013 Reply
Oh gosh, I love these! Great compositions and your use of light is fab!