TO MENU

        Very nice lighting on those shots. Keep up the good work Veronica.

        That is some amazing use of good light!

        Love this! Beautiful work, Veronica! Makes me want to take a vacation with my husband sans kids 🙂

        LOVE this. I so hope to get there some day! Gorgeous work 🙂

        The second photo is super beautiful!

        What a cool spot for a session! I like the combination of scene and people. It really sets the mood well.

        Love those kinds of happy accidents, that first shot is awesome with the silhouettes in the window!

        Aw, beautiful atmosphere you captured – very serene

        Ohh I love Fallingwater! The feel of these photos is spot-on: romantic, woodsy, unique. Great work!

        Ha ha ha, if someone hadn’t commented above on that last photo, I think I would have totally missed them. Such a cool ambience to this photo shoot.

        So jealous that you get to shoot there, LOVE that last frame 🙂

        Lovely location and great photos. Nice work.

        Happy accident, Rich. Probably one of my favorite accidents. 🙂

        Beautiful couple and location. The silhouettes of the people in the windows are neat. Happy accident or intentional?

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