Hartwood Acres Photographer : Preview : Jennifer + Matthew

May 31, 2012

heather nan 04:19 May 31, 2012 Reply
The last image is pure sweetness! Lovely all around.
Kelsie Taylor 04:57 May 31, 2012 Reply
beautiful job veronica! i especially love the first shot. :)
Teresa K 05:41 May 31, 2012 Reply
What a sweet couple and a perfect preview post!!
Naomi Goggin 06:28 May 31, 2012 Reply
Love the light and posing of the first shot especially. Lovely emotion in the last one too, and great editing on the black and white. Brilliant preview x
Amber Wilkie 12:59 May 31, 2012 Reply
What a sweet couple. Nice work, Veronica!
Jen Smith 15:13 May 31, 2012 Reply
cute couple! I think the sundrenched one at the top is my fave :-)
nadine 15:52 May 31, 2012 Reply
they're adorable! i like the last shot especially!
Sachin Khona 21:03 May 31, 2012 Reply
Gavin Farrington 22:06 May 31, 2012 Reply
Wow what a striking, lovely girl! Great shots, Veronica. You clearly know how to find awesome light.
ALMA // 02:09 June 4, 2012 Reply
Love the muted feel and love the honesty in these frames.