Laura + Ross, Secret Agents of Loooove

April 18, 2012

Whether through word of mouth or a world-wide news source, you’ve probably heard of Secret Agent L. She’s a Pittsburgh girl who anonymously started a wonderful local project. She and her followers leave little goodies (anything from gift cards to jewelry and beyond) and love notes in some pretty random locations (like public restrooms) with the goal of brightening the day of those who find them. Pretty awesome, right? She managed to stay completely anonymous for quite some time before she felt the need to share her identity. It was a pretty huge deal in the ‘Burgh! Shortly after she revealed herself as the lovely, lovely Laura Miller, things exploded! She was interviewed and featured in world-wide news articles. Her wonderfully moving message of spreading love has caught on and now she’s regularly posting missions from all over the world. (Hats off to all of you amazing affiliated agents out there!)

Now I’d like to introduce you to Laura and Ross, the couple. The amazingly adorable couple. The oozing with love for each other couple. They shared silly stories (something about toast on Laura’s front porch) and loving gestures. They were glowing with love, which, of course, made them such a joy to work with.

But – the most moving moment of the shoot came as we were beginning to walk away from the location. Laura, holding Ross’ hand and staring into his eyes, said, “I’m not Laura without Ross.” (Cue tears forming in my eyes.)

And just before we left, while discussing how much we love dogs, this little cutie came romping over to say hello! Excited puppy squeaks and all.

Brandy Vigen 18:20 April 18, 2012 Reply
Annnnnd the best.
Kelsie Taylor 20:50 April 21, 2012 Reply
These are so sweet! I love her outfit and the location. :)
Natalie Gibbs 02:26 April 22, 2012 Reply
I love these! The couple looks great in every shot. Lovely work.
Darin Collison 12:50 April 22, 2012 Reply
Beautiful, loving and lovely portraits. Very sweet indeed.
Paul Nguyen 13:40 April 22, 2012 Reply
Great photos! Great use of tones and colours!
Jon Hurst Photography 10:50 April 23, 2012 Reply
Lovely images!
ed peers 11:13 April 23, 2012 Reply
Really super work... Captured so well.
Matt Stanton 13:25 April 23, 2012 Reply
Love the third shot from the end! Great composition!
Sam Gibson 13:35 April 23, 2012 Reply
Wonderful portraits. You really captured their love for one another!