Longue Vue Club Wedding : Amy + Justin preview

May 26, 2014

Longue Vue Wedding photographer

Longue Vue Wedding photographer

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Longue Vue Club Wedding

Marianne 18:03 May 27, 2014 Reply
What a happy couple! Beautiful photos, I really like the one of them at the table.
rahul 18:08 May 27, 2014 Reply
love that first bridal portrait. gorgeous.
Natalie Champa Jennings 18:16 May 27, 2014 Reply
I really enjoy the photo of them laughing at the table! Happy capture!
Tim Kelly 19:01 May 27, 2014 Reply
The light and colour in these is really lovely. Looks like it was a really happy wedding.
Gabby T 21:00 May 27, 2014 Reply
Great Candids! I love her mermaid gown!
Will Kim 22:24 May 27, 2014 Reply
love these images! can't believe this is just a preview!
benj haisch 00:51 May 28, 2014 Reply
John Bello 01:54 May 28, 2014 Reply
Beautiful last capture!! Great set.
naomi 10:32 May 28, 2014 Reply
love the happiness of the last image
Douglas Pettway 10:52 May 28, 2014 Reply
that portrait in the tunnel: gorgeous and lovely! beautiful work, Veronica!
Rachelle 16:20 May 28, 2014 Reply
So stunning, and this is only just the preview! Great work!
Joe 19:42 May 28, 2014 Reply
I love how you framed the bride in that tunnel!
bryan 20:41 May 28, 2014 Reply
so much joy in these images. awesome!