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        Melissa wanted a few shots of Ryan, her fiance, to use on her website along with the photos from her recent session. She also thought it would be a good way for Ryan, (who she said is normally quite camera shy,) to warm up to the camera a bit before their engagement session which I’m shooting later this year. Well, Ryan was not camera shy. Not one bit. In fact, he seemed to have a blast in front of the lens and was coming up with location and pose ideas left and right.

        After getting a few shots of him for her website, the session quickly turned into a purely fun and silly pre-engagement practice session.

        Love the laughter in these shots!

        Such cute photos! You really captured their emotion and personality!

        Wow does this session look like it was a load of fun! Great work! For realz!

        How fun are they? I love those last three shots. Great job.

        I love these! They look so happy together and like they are having an amazing time.

        Great job capturing the personality! Love these.

        Love their interactions and how they opened up to the camera. Nicely captured on your end, too!

        As I was looking at these I kept thinking… wow, a shame they are so serious. 😉 These make me want to go hang out with them over a few beers. Awesome!

        really nice work! love the hand shadow ones…very funny 🙂

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