Morning Glory Inn Wedding : Kelsey + Chris preview

August 3, 2014






Kelsey + Chris’ full Morning Glory Inn wedding gallery will be available here to guests, friends, and family.

rahul khona 14:45 August 4, 2014 Reply
Stunning work Veronica! Love your work.
Julianne 17:04 August 4, 2014 Reply
So beautiful... and that hug, <3!
Becca Dilley 17:23 August 4, 2014 Reply
Such a sweet set of images - I can look at that first set of images and get such a sense of the wedding and what the couple is like without even seeing their faces.
caroline 21:01 August 4, 2014 Reply
I thought exactly what Becca said. This is a perfect example of "less is more".
Adam Houseman 23:40 August 4, 2014 Reply
So pretty. Love the way you captured all the quite tender moments.
Courtney Jessica 02:33 August 5, 2014 Reply
the colours in your photos are always scrumptious. very cute how the bride altered her hair through the day.
Shyann 02:36 August 5, 2014 Reply
Love these!! Beautiful colors and fabulous emotions!
Johanna 08:18 August 5, 2014 Reply
I LOVE the third photo! Spot on <3
/mariahedengren 12:37 August 5, 2014 Reply
This looks like one very special wedding. Looking forward to see the rest.
Sarah 14:52 August 5, 2014 Reply
Beautiful, so much emotion in just a few photos.
Justin R 07:27 August 6, 2014 Reply
Their hug looks so emotional! Amazing set of images! 17:05 August 20, 2014 Reply
Love your work! Looking forward to see other pics as well.

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