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        We were anticipating rain all week long. On the morning of the big day, the sky was clear, bright and beautiful. Moments after the outdoor ceremony began, the wind began to pick up and the clouds suddenly let go. Alexis and Richard weren’t phased, though – their smiles still stretching from ear to ear as they ran for cover under the reception tent to exchange their vows.

        Even with the rain, their wedding day was beautiful from beginning to end. It was an event full of love and joy and I truly feel so lucky to have witnessed it all.

        Priory Wedding Photographer

        Blue and White wedding bouquet

        White rose wedding bouquet

        Historic Pittsburgh Wedding

        Teacup Wedding Dress

        Bride puts on garter

        Wedding Grandmothers leather gloves

        Bride sprays perfume

        Documentary Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

        Birdcage bridal veil

        Outdoor wedding ceremony

        Blessing rings at wedding

        Passing rings at wedding

        Bride and groom say I Do

        Miniature Owl

        National Aviary Wedding Photographer

        Fine Art Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh

        United States National Aviary in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

        National Aviary wedding photographer: Veronica Varos

        Such a beautiful and elegant wedding! Lovely snaps!

        These are so elegant & classic. And that owl! What a fun collection 🙂

        Loving her dress. Beautiful captures!

        WOW ! is that a peacock?? Holly cow!

        Nicely captured! I especially love your black and whites!

        Great stuff; looks like an awesome venue. Well done!

        That second to last frame is so lovely, I love how the peacock is just hanging out there!

        wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! what an awesome venue!

        A beautiful ceremony and beautiful photos, well done

        Super like to that fist image and the black and white portrait of the bride. A beautiful wedding, nicely shot.

        Oh my word- what a lovely wedding. I love the whole thing- and your style of photography compliments it perfectly!

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