Oakmont Wedding Photographer : Ashleigh + Devin

January 29, 2013

We waited weeks for the perfect weather. The moment a large snowstorm was in the forecast, we rushed to make plans. They are self-proclaimed outdoorsy people who wanted only to be surrounded by a winter wonderland for their engagement photos.

I followed them through a short-lived thick and heavy snowfall to a location I hadn’t heard of. As we pulled in, I was amazed by what I saw. Massive Pine trees perfectly surrounded the entry way to long wooded trails and magical views.

Snowy Forest engagement session

The Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photographer

Falling water wedding photographer

Oakmont Pennsylvania on a snowy day

bride and groom stand out of focus with beautiful woods behind them in focus

Snowy Winter Engagement Portraits Photographer

engagement portraits with dog in Pittsburgh Pa

Engagement Photographer

black and white prisming photography

wife and husbands formal portraits under large pine tree in oakmont

Ashleigh and Devin will be married at the Barn at Fallingwater later this year.

Oakmont Wedding Photographer: Veronica Varos

Dale Lempa 17:55 January 29, 2013 Reply
Awesome style and creativity, as always.
mathias 21:02 January 29, 2013 Reply
yeah nice choice on the snow =) love these!!
MARK 23:01 January 29, 2013 Reply
great work, love your b&ws
Shipra Panosian 00:44 January 30, 2013 Reply
You've captured the warmth of this couple beautifully.
Rebecca 01:01 January 30, 2013 Reply
lovely! I've never seen snow, images like these make me want to shoot in it! Great location. These are beautiful!
Kelsie Taylor 01:47 January 30, 2013 Reply
these are soooooo beautiful! i love how you captured the environment. it looks so serene.
Gavin Farrington 04:00 January 30, 2013 Reply
Beautifully photographed. Love the mix of close-up, and shots that show the space.
Darin Collison 04:52 January 30, 2013 Reply
So now I feel cold and warm at the same time.
Paul Fuller 12:08 January 30, 2013 Reply
These are fantastic, you can't be photos in the snow : )
Steve Koo 15:24 January 30, 2013 Reply
I love that they included their puppy in some of these!
Serena Severtson 17:45 January 30, 2013 Reply
Snow much fun! Seriously, though, I love these. And I love that they included their pup. You captured this engagement oh-so-beautifully!
AdonyeJaja 18:47 January 30, 2013 Reply
very pretty, good stuff veronica. their connection is so sweet!
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