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        Erin is a communications manager in the Pittsburgh area who is currently studying for her life coaching and career coaching certifications. She’s bold and to the point, but she delivers information and advice in such a kind, gentle and loving way. Without any doubt, it’s clear she cares about your goals and plans just as much as you do.

        Erin wanted a few ethereal head shots for her new coaching website, so we headed out to a wooded area on a chilly, but bright, afternoon.

        Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers

        Erin O'Donnell Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

        Erin O'Donnell Holistic Life Coach

        Bride poses in front of Bedford Springs on her wedding day

        Erin O'Donnell Fox Chapel PA

        Woman poses in Squaw Run Park in the winter under the sunlight

        Etheral headshot photographer

        Nice work Veronica. Some amazing light!

        Gorgeous work Veronia, love the feel to them.

        Ethereal is the perfect word to describe these.

        cash. money. boom. the light, the model, the milieux, everything. bam.

        Gotta love freelensing. Beautiful light, too. Super work, Veronica!

        Great set. Beautiful model! That light is to die for!

        Lovely. Really well done veronica 🙂 gorgeous light

        Gorgeous, soft, feminine images. Beautiful.

        Fantastic pics, I recognized the freelensing look.

        Umm, she is absolutely stunning. If I didn’t know, I’d say she’s a professional model. Beautiful images! Can’t believe you freelensed them all, I need to play around with that!

        love the freelensing. i could never get it as good as the ones you have. 🙂

        these are awesome veronica. great work.

        I would say that you nailed “ethereal.” Awesome lighting, great colors, neat background.

        these are beautiful! you definitely captured the ethereal quality you were aiming for. 🙂

        Nice work! The fact that you free-lensed those all is pretty impressive. The DOF is rad, I’m sure she’s stoked on her photos.

        Are these all free-lensed? They are AMAZING! So soft and and ethereal!

        Yes, all freelensed! 🙂 Thank you!

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