Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer : Photographic Playtime 2

January 31, 2013

For the second photographic playtime of 2013, Kelsie Taylor and I teamed up once again to experiment with more new tricks. We were lucky enough to have the strikingly beautiful Mandy Fierens as our subject. She’s a Pittsburgh-based fashion blogger and fellow wedding photographer.

the hurd method

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documentary film wedding photographer

Falling water weddings

william penn hotel

black and white portrait photographer

omni william penn weddings

william penn hotel wedding photographers

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Omni William Penn Hotel Weddings

Documentary Double Exposure photographer

See the first “Photographic Playtime” post here.

Sachin 00:13 February 1, 2013 Reply
Whoa these are so good! Super creative Veronica! Loving the colours!
michael 00:27 February 1, 2013 Reply
great snaps! did you use a prism for some of them?
Kelsie Taylor 01:12 February 1, 2013 Reply
AGH!! these are so ridiculously gorgeous ...i especially love the first 4 and the free-lensed ones.
Marianne 01:39 February 1, 2013 Reply
Gorgeous! Beautiful lady and beautifully shot. love the black and white of her laughing!
Jonathan David 03:02 February 1, 2013 Reply
Stunning work Veronica! Mind blowingly beautiful.
Dale Lempa 10:42 February 1, 2013 Reply
Outstanding color and textures.
geneoh 17:35 February 1, 2013 Reply
Love that last frame!
small 17:57 February 1, 2013 Reply
these are SO pretty!
Lisa 21:15 February 1, 2013 Reply
Such beautiful light, this session is so pretty. Gorgeous work!
Jessica Vogelsang 22:07 February 1, 2013 Reply
Lovely, lovely light Veronica!
don barrington 22:18 February 1, 2013 Reply
You are awesome!! :D
PJ 22:59 February 1, 2013 Reply
WOW! Veronica this is beautiful!
Derek Martinez 23:24 March 18, 2013 Reply
What a lovely session, and the double exposure is phenomenal!!