PAA Wedding Photographer : Chrissy + Jim preview

April 29, 2013

Bride and groom stand before the alter during their catholic ceremony in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh PA

Bride and groom pose in front of a huge glass green house in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, PA USA

Bride and groom sit at the head table, the wedding party in shadows

Michelle 14:31 April 30, 2013 Reply
How lovely are these images? I especially love the mood of the silhouettes. And that church!
Johnboy Wilson 14:37 April 30, 2013 Reply
Looking forward to seeing the full post on this wedding, it looks like it's going to be epic!
Leah Muse 14:40 April 30, 2013 Reply
Wow.. this wedding looks gorgeous.
Sarah 20:16 April 30, 2013 Reply
Wow, I'm so in love with that third shot, it's classic and thoughtful and different.
don barrington 21:02 April 30, 2013 Reply
great.. great... great... photography! awesome images!!
Jean 04:37 May 1, 2013 Reply
This teaser definitely leaves one wanting more.... simply beautiful!
john 07:38 May 1, 2013 Reply
love that last shot!
Kristian 11:48 May 1, 2013 Reply
I want more! Can't wait to see the rest.
Julianne 12:12 May 1, 2013 Reply
so lovely, I love the drama in the last image. Can't wait to see more!
Ashley 18:41 May 1, 2013 Reply
Beautiful framing and colors!
Dale Lempa 14:13 May 3, 2013 Reply
Derek Martinez 17:51 May 20, 2013 Reply
Absolutely gorgeous, lovely work!