Phipps Conservatory Wedding Photographer : Sara + Matt preview

October 30, 2013

Dominique / York Place Studios 18:30 October 30, 2013 Reply
Love that firework one! Great work :)
Michelle Edmonds 21:25 October 30, 2013 Reply
Beautiful work! Can't wait to see the rest of them. I especially love the exit shot.
/mariahedengren 22:59 October 30, 2013 Reply
Oh, I love this last image, how perfect.
Sara Loving 01:27 October 31, 2013 Reply
The portrait of Matt and I (above) looks like a magazine photo and I cannot get over how much the feel of the day was completely captured in all of the photos. Thanks so so much for doing such an amazing job!!
Daniel Ha 03:34 October 31, 2013 Reply
Nice set. Really like the last photo.
Serena Severtson 15:46 October 31, 2013 Reply
That portrait of just the two of them is beautiful! And that last exit image with the sparklers? Perfect. :)
Nick 19:56 October 31, 2013 Reply
That last exit shot is BOSS! killer work Veronica!
Heather J 21:54 October 31, 2013 Reply
Veronica, you always create such amazing knock out shots. These are no exception.
Tracy Morter 16:45 November 2, 2013 Reply
Ooh I too can't wait to see the rest. Wonderful atmosphere, especially that last one!

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