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        Wrapped in tulle and a crochet blanket, she took shelter from the bitter cold between the branches of a tall Pine. We laughed, shared stories and even attempted to catch a loose dog – which we failed at, but luckily his owner found him shortly after.

        It’s amazing how quickly you can connect with a person. It’s one of the many important lessons I’ve picked up as a photographer. During a simple shoot, you can learn so much about a person. If you make someone feel comfortable enough to open up to you, (because you genuinely care and enjoy their company,) there’s a good chance you’ll leave that session with a new friendship.

        Pittsburgh portrait photographer: Veronica Varos

        Very unique shots and great use of location. You did an amazing job.

        Interesting concepts. Cool scenes.

        Very cool double images. Nice work

        These are so pretty! The black & whites are sooo good.

        great work Veronica. love that little double exposure b&w

        Awesome work. Love the colours!

        Very nice Veronica – love your processing

        Beautiful, I love her dress!

        lovely work Veronica, and she is so beautiful!

        um yeah Veronica as always you are totally crushing it…

        Nice work! She’s really pretty.

        These are gorgeous! Love the light and your processing is perfect.

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