Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer : Lyra

August 20, 2012

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Nick 16:14 August 20, 2012 Reply
ohhh these are gorgeous, I love the tones, killer work!
Avelaine Scyrup 16:38 August 20, 2012 Reply
Wow, these are beautiful! Were you freelensing??
Julianne Markow 16:52 August 20, 2012 Reply
sooooo beautiful!
Veronica Varos 17:05 August 20, 2012 Reply
Thank you! Yep, Avelaine!
small 17:21 August 20, 2012 Reply
So pretty! I love her freckles.
Leah Muse 17:34 August 20, 2012 Reply
These are stunning and Lyra is a babe.
caroline 20:07 August 20, 2012 Reply
I just LOVE that 5th one down! She is incredibly photogenic!
Sarah 21:44 August 20, 2012 Reply
Oh my these are really stunning. Each one makes you stop and look at it for a while, really beautiful work.
Janet 22:26 August 20, 2012 Reply
Such a beautiful woman, captured perfectly
Tenielle 07:45 August 21, 2012 Reply
Dreamy. She looks like a beauty from a different time.
Paul Krol 18:47 August 21, 2012 Reply
I like the sense of mood these pictures invoke. I feel like time has stopped and while that's precisely what you did when you pressed the shutter, we don't often feel like that when seeing a photograph. For these shots I do. Well done.