Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer : Kelsie and Mandy

February 20, 2013

Pittsburgh wedding photographer: Veronica Varos

Kelsie Taylor 00:32 February 27, 2013 Reply
love them all! thank you so much- these are some of my favorite pictures i've ever had taken of me. and mandy looks like a babe!
Jean 05:55 February 27, 2013 Reply
Whoah! SO cool. Especially in love with that icicle shot. Gorgeous photos!
Elissa 16:15 February 27, 2013 Reply
Beautiful!! I love the second shot and the icicle one. And may I just say that your new website (well, now not so new) is just perfect for your style. <3
Priya Patel 16:23 February 27, 2013 Reply
Great use of light! Fabulous shots!
Joseph 18:14 February 27, 2013 Reply
ruddy brilliant double exposures Veronica!
Jessica Schilling 19:41 February 27, 2013 Reply
Beautiful! I love all the new techniques you've been doing lately, and the snow is so pretty!
Sam 10:20 February 28, 2013 Reply
seriously cool portraits veronica :D
benj haisch 00:08 March 2, 2013 Reply
some really cool shots in here. I might have to pick up a prism for myself...
Gemma Williams 10:35 March 4, 2013 Reply
Love the light in these, and very cool icicle double exposure!