Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer : Lyra

February 19, 2013

Wrapped in blankets, we visited a beautiful farm just after the rain.

Pittsburgh wedding photographer: Veronica Varos

Dale Lempa 16:55 February 19, 2013 Reply
Great expression from the model, and your post-processing matches the feel of the imagery. Well done.
Elissa 20:58 February 19, 2013 Reply
These are seriously gorgeous.
bryan 22:29 February 19, 2013 Reply
rad shoot. love the first frame especially.
shari 04:02 February 20, 2013 Reply
So so good. That first image stopped me in my tracks. Wow!
Tim Riddick 04:11 February 20, 2013 Reply
Veronica your work is amazing. I love the different textures in the blankets
Nora 05:33 February 20, 2013 Reply
Looks great Veronica!
Mathias Cederholm 10:41 February 20, 2013 Reply
Sweet, and a nice blanket too :) Really like the black and white one among the trees.
Kari Bellamy 11:20 February 20, 2013 Reply
I'm in love with that first image. She's beautiful and I love the way the blanket frames her perfectly :)
Mary Sylvia 11:53 February 20, 2013 Reply
I love that second to last one, something like in a fashion shoot :)
Len 23:43 February 20, 2013 Reply
Oh, man! That first image is just absolutely killer! Gorgeous work (and I not so secretly want all of those blankets!)
Kelsie Taylor 01:41 February 21, 2013 Reply
soooo gorgeous! love them all. :)
Ashley 16:36 March 15, 2013 Reply
LOVE that first image!
Derek Martinez 16:57 April 5, 2013 Reply
Love this, gorgeous session!