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        Veronica Varos Photography

        Seneca Hills Bible Camp Wedding Photographer

        pittsburgh wedding photographers

        Really beautiful Veronica!

        argh! that black and white is a complete dream of a picture. love all of these veronica. wow.

        Love all of these! They are glowing. 🙂

        Love the last frame, Veronica!

        Nice! Can’t wait for the rest of the photos of this beautiful couple.

        great work! lovely couple and stellar photographer

        Ah, gotta love those quintessential Pennsylvania forest photographs. Feels like home;)

        She has the most amazing smile! You did a gorgeous job, these portraits are gorgeous!

        Such great moments here Veronica, perfect captures as usual.

        Beautiful colors and emotional expressions. Awesome wedding preview.

        that black and white is butter, well done!

        Eeeep these are SO pretty! And they look so happy together! Love it!

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