Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers : Sarah + Wes preview

June 1, 2013

Veronica Varos Photography

Seneca Hills Bible Camp Wedding Photographer

pittsburgh wedding photographers

Caryn Canatella 22:07 June 3, 2013 Reply
Eeeep these are SO pretty! And they look so happy together! Love it!
Adonye Jaja 23:21 June 3, 2013 Reply
that black and white is butter, well done!
Dale Lempa 23:44 June 3, 2013 Reply
Beautiful colors and emotional expressions. Awesome wedding preview.
Nikki Bezel 00:41 June 4, 2013 Reply
Such great moments here Veronica, perfect captures as usual.
Heather K 05:04 June 4, 2013 Reply
She has the most amazing smile! You did a gorgeous job, these portraits are gorgeous!
Jessica Vogelsang 11:19 June 4, 2013 Reply
Ah, gotta love those quintessential Pennsylvania forest photographs. Feels like home;)
Derrys 14:11 June 4, 2013 Reply
great work! lovely couple and stellar photographer
Eduardo Suastegui 14:12 June 4, 2013 Reply
Nice! Can't wait for the rest of the photos of this beautiful couple.
Steve Koo 14:56 June 4, 2013 Reply
Love the last frame, Veronica!
Mandy Fierens 15:36 June 4, 2013 Reply
Love all of these! They are glowing. :)
naomi 15:48 June 4, 2013 Reply
argh! that black and white is a complete dream of a picture. love all of these veronica. wow.
sara 17:02 June 5, 2013 Reply
Really beautiful Veronica!