Preview : Kennywood Wedding Photographer : Jes + Bryan

July 3, 2012

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Steve Koo 16:05 July 3, 2012 Reply
Love how much fun they're having in the water!
Jakob 16:39 July 3, 2012 Reply
Number two is great.
Heather 18:08 July 3, 2012 Reply
LOVE that last shot!!
Brian Kraft 18:38 July 3, 2012 Reply
Oh wow! Water craziness!! So cool!
Thao 18:59 July 3, 2012 Reply
Awesome couple! Love how they're down to get a little wet! Love the 3rd down.
Naomi Goggin 19:19 July 3, 2012 Reply
that is a couple to dream for! that black and white shot is absolute killer.x
caroline 21:03 July 3, 2012 Reply
how cool is this??? i love that second image!
Mercedes 21:14 July 3, 2012 Reply
I love how much fun they're having! Nicely captured :)
Kelsie Taylor 21:26 July 3, 2012 Reply
beautiful job veronica! i love the ones of them with the water splashing around them!
Nessa K 23:09 July 3, 2012 Reply
This looks like it's going to be SUCH a fun post!
stacey 23:38 July 3, 2012 Reply
I was not expecting the second photo after the first! so fun.
DeVende Photography 21:49 July 19, 2012 Reply
Veronica, just looking throught the fearless photographers group and thought i would stop by your blog and say hello :) Happy shooting!