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        I first met this family last summer, straight after going through a personal hardship. But it was no coincidence that they booked when they did. Natalie was meant to walk into my life right then. We connected almost immediately and I, very unusually for me, completely opened up to her. She had her own stories to share and plenty of wonderful advice to give. I left our session a much stronger and more understanding gal than I was when I first arrived. After that day, she was never farther than a quick message away when I needed a quick bit of advice or strength.

        I fully believe everything happens for a reason – and we meet who we meet for a reason. Natalie had so much to do with how I moved on so quickly and I am so thankful she walked into my life when she did.

        Nearly one year and three sessions later, I still get so excited each time they book a shoot!

        speechless…you are an amazing photographer and an even more amazing person. I am truly touched by what you wrote…I to believe it was meant to be that we met…I am so impressed by your strength, something that no person or situation can ever take from you. I will always be one of your clients and a friend…thank you!

        Veronica Varos-Photographer

        Aw, Natalie! Thank YOU! For everything!

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