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        Who is the best wedding photographer in Pittsburgh

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        Location: Nature Reserve in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
        Stylish Pittsburgh engagement photographer: Veronica Varos

        Beautiful imagery…these photos evoke warmth on what was clearly a cold day!! Well done!

        It’s always such a treat to see your work 🙂 This session is gorgeous and makes me with Austin had a better autumn…

        Epic work Veronica – everyone is a winner!

        Beautiful portraits, you really embraced that Autumn/Fall feel in you work…

        Such stunning work Ver. My favorite shot is them in the middle of the road! It truly captures the scene. 🙂 AMAZING

        oh wow, this is so gorgeous. I love the colors and how intimate and cozy it feels, and that shot standing on the rock with the river reflection is so perfect!

        Wow, so much amazing fall goodness here! GORGEOUS!

        Great work, the ones on the field are so beautiful.

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