The Chestnut Boutique Hotel Wedding : Emily + Vance preview

September 14, 2014

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An amazing little bonus preview from my favorites, Pictory Productions:

Emily + Vance’s full the Chestnut Boutique Hotel wedding gallery will be available here to guests, friends, and family.

Jacqueline Elizabeth 09:12 September 15, 2014 Reply
These are absolutely perfect. This whole wedding makes me want to get married again. Your editing is ridiculously awesome, and that kiss shot.. don't get me started!
naomi 16:33 September 15, 2014 Reply
i just fell in love with that second picture. love the abundant emotion in these, and all the colour.
Christian 17:07 September 15, 2014 Reply
That last photo is STELLAR. The set is fantastic, but I just love the expressions in the last one.
Emily 21:05 September 15, 2014 Reply
Just wanted to thank everyone for all your sweet comments on our special day! Veronica is a fabulous wedding magic wizard and I'm jumping for joy over these speak peeks!!! Emily
Julianne Markow 21:37 September 15, 2014 Reply
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS WEDDING!! I can't get over that last photo!
Taylor Roades 21:38 September 15, 2014 Reply
Veronica as always your work is beautiful, the colours and the emotion. xxx
Sam 23:20 September 15, 2014 Reply
Paul Krol 00:50 September 16, 2014 Reply
You did a tremendous job on capturing all that available light and making these images just sing with happy vibes and emotions.
Mitch Denice 12:02 September 16, 2014 Reply
Wow! Great preview! The emotions are perfect.
Elissa 18:58 September 16, 2014 Reply
Veronicaaaa! You always have the most beautiful clients. I love this preview (and want her flower crown).
Anton Chia 03:06 September 17, 2014 Reply
The last frame is so soft and romantic and summarized the story.
Gerry Crosby 23:14 September 22, 2014 Reply
Looking very good! Glad I could be there. You guys are great together. Happiness forever!