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        When we meet, I want to hear all about the love story you are writing together.

        I am an artist, a dreamer, and an old soul. I’ll choose the mountains over the city and a concert over a movie any day of the week. I’ll cross the street just to smile at a dog on the other side.

        Foggy mornings inspire me and music moves me. The aurora borealis, volcanoes, and the night sky fascinate me. I love the rush of traveling and learning the history of the places I’m exploring.


        My work is artistic and documentary in style so couples can live in the moment with one another and be photographed as they really are. I encourage all of my clients to be their true selves, which happens when they feel comfortable with me and the freedom I give them to simply enjoy being with each other on their wedding day.

        My love for documentary stems from a history in music photography. The early years of my career were spent learning and growing inside the media pits of concert venues. Those years have taught me that important moments cannot be forced or staged. They have to happen naturally and must be grabbed at just the right second.