July 15, 2011

Patti + David’s Relaxed Fox Chapel Wedding


Everyone in my family had been waiting for this wedding for quite a few long years. But only a few months ago, David, my wonderful cousin, and Patti, my new equally wonderful cousin, finally decided to take the plunge after being engaged for years.

Their wedding day was relaxed, full of love and just so much fun. Most of the details were lovingly put together by hand by friends and family – excluding Patti’s dress. She fell in love with it in 1990 when she tried it on while shopping for dresses for her Mothers wedding. Although she tried talking her out of it, Patti’s Mother ended up buying the dress that day, telling Patti that she’d get to wear it some day. And 21 years later, she did! (Is that not the coolest story?)

I love David and Patti so so much and I am so excited that Patti is officially a part of our family!

Flowers: Mother of the Groom
Cupcakes and Cake: Ansylene
Caterer: Aspinwall Grille
Venue: Private family residence

If you attended the wedding and would like to see more of the photos, visit http://veronicavaros.instaproofs.com and click “Patti + David” – the password is the Groom’s last name.