At my core, I'm an artist and a dreamer, seeking out beautiful moments and light wherever I go.

My passion for documentary photography has its roots in my history with music photography. During the initial years of my career, I honed my photographic style in the media pits of concert venues. Those formative years instilled in me the understanding that significant moments cannot be contrived or staged; they must occur spontaneously and be seized at the perfect instant. This fascination with capturing those incredible, unscripted moments led me to fall in love with wedding photography in 2008.

VeronicaVaros Grandson Columbus Ohio Concert

I find inspiration in the ethereal beauty of foggy mornings, the allure of dramatic lighting, and the infinite wonder of the night sky.

I'll choose the majesty of the mountains to the bustle of the city and the vibrancy of live music to the passivity of watching a movie any day. I'll cross the street just to smile at a dog on the other side.

For me, photography is not confined to capturing mere snapshots; it's a sophisticated endeavor to channel a unique energy into creating art.

View of the top of ski slope in summer in Colorado
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Most dear to me

Creating memories with family and friends, visiting, photographing, and exploring beautiful new places, feeling and hearing live music, and dogs, dogs, dogs. Also, dogs.

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Let's create something beautiful together.