My passion for documentary photography has its roots in my history with music photography. During the initial years of my career, I honed my photographic style in the media pits of concert venues. Those formative years instilled in me the understanding that significant moments cannot be contrived or staged; they must occur spontaneously and be seized at the perfect instant. This fascination with capturing those incredible, unscripted moments led me to fall in love with wedding photography in 2008.

The vibrancy of live moments, much like live music, is where I thrive, translating the fleeting, heartfelt glances and the soft whispers into tangible memories.


With the heart of an artist and the soul of a dreamer, my perception of the world is steeped in the quest for beauty in every frame. This innate longing leads me to find the extraordinary in the ordinary - be it the grandeur of the mountains or the subtle beauty of a foggy morning. I bring this perspective into my wedding photography, channeling it to create deeply emotional and intimate images. The way I see light, color, and moments allows me to capture the essence of a couple's love story against the backdrop of their special day.

VeronicaVaros Grandson Columbus Ohio Concert

My camera and lens are an extension of my soul, seeking out the little moments of art and magic unfolding around us every day.

View of the top of ski slope in summer in Colorado
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Most dear to me

Creating memories with family and friends

Visiting, photographing, and exploring the beauty in new places

Feeling and hearing live music

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Also, dogs!

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Let's create something beautiful together.